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The official HTML5 port of the legendary infamous YouAreAnIdiot JS Trojan. As the de-facto owner of "You are an Idiot" for more than 3 years, I decided to assemble a little write-up. I will update it with latest news and developments, as we progress. Last updated: 13th of September, 2023 (2023/09/13)

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What happened to

Ever since 2019, there has been a smoke of uncertainty around the successor, Somewhere in the beginning of that year, the website just stopped working out of the blue, and if I recall correctly, it never came back.

It wasn't the lack of interest that ended the website. In fact, the domain is still likely owned in tandem by ADR/Jazzy - the most recent domain payment invoice dates 12th of July, 2023 (2023/07/12), that's considering it's an .ORG TLD and you can freely add multiple years to it in one batch (there are certain complications with .CH / .LI / .FR and a few other TLDs where you have to renew them annually in a 16-day grace period, 2 weeks prior to expiration).

That implies they're still active and pay for the domain, albeit once per year. Seemingly, they parked the domain and forgot to point it back to the host with the safe version deployed. In fact, you can probably mail them at [email protected], if they do accept and check mails. The SPF record does seem to be misconfigured though. I doubt that's a parking stub, though it might be.

Modern browser policies would have killed the malicious bit in the original website anyway, so modern solutions were necessary to keep the legacy of this website afloat. I believe I've been at least somewhat successful in restoring that archaic piece.

Maintaining difficulties

I'm considering another possibility of the original website shutdown, and I believe it deserves a separate paragraph. Maintaining difficulties.

No, I'm not talking about the service costs and lack of support from the community. I'm talking about direct sabotage from the so-called "Antivirus Trust Contributors", and a decent chunk of the community is a part of that disgusting flock. While they're doing an alright job detecting some malicious websites and grading them accordingly, their job is not helping with maintaining a mirror of a funny JavaScript trojan that's already been crippled by the modern browser policies and reviewed everywhere.

Here's the current VirusTotal rating for the host of, as well as the rating for the domain name. As you can see, has a horrible reputation on VirusTotal due to the contributors reporting it left and right. As a result, back in February, 2023 I had to settle a bunch of real abuse reports, while temporarily shutting down the mirror to avoid legal consequences.

ADR and Jazzy's, unfortunately, met the same fate, and despite being a safe mirror, it got TENFOLD the amount of negative reviews. The domain is also rated overwhelmingly negatively.

A quite possible reason for the sunset of could be constant negative VT (– VirusTotal) reports, which resulted in a real investigation from the host (some hosts do care about their server reputation), which then followed by termination of the original maintainers' accounts. All because of our web justice warriors called "Antivirus Trust Contributors". Everybody must be very thankful for such a (dis)service.

As for, I haven't had to deal with any abuse reports ever since I explained everything in detail to my hoster and registrar. I also have a large community and a following that helped me clean the reputation of my host, which ADR and Jazzy didn't have, instead they only had enemies for hosting a SAFE mirror.

As for VirusTotal, once my lovely malware-preserving community kicked in to save the day, there have been absolutely baffling comments on VirusTotal, for example:

Also known as Trojan.JS.Offiz.
Creator instructed their fan base to spam vote it as safe…
That's uncalled for. What am I supposed to do if I'm getting spammed actual abuse and legal reports due to your unhealthy VirusTotal reporting obsession? Do you wholeheartedly believe reporting the domain/host on VirusTotal is not going to yield any real world consequences?

Now sir, you might be reporting the project on purpose, but what are you fighting against? Internet history? There's phishing all across the Internet and there are even more direct undetected trojans plaguing our web, a beautiful place. Are you seriously going to sell your dignity for hate and/or VirusTotal good boy points?


I had been planning to remake the original website for quite a bit, after 6 consecutive months of downtime I've seen on in 2019. The domain was first acquired on 29th of May, 2020 (2020/05/29). Henceforth, there have been some groundbreaking changes.

v1.0 2020/06

v1.1 2021/10

v1.2 2023/08

v1.3 2023/08

v1.4 2023/09


Any questions, thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Mail me at [email protected] if you've got anything YouAreAnIdiot to ask or propose. For fan mails or anything concerning the creator, please use [email protected].

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